Success Case

White ITC and Intcomex Cloud, working as one team.

The COVID19 pandemic and the health measures that countries had to implement to contain its spread forced companies, NGOs, and government institutions alike to rethink their productive structures and processes in order to survive and continue to grow in the midst of a crisis for which no one was prepared. Right there, in that need for organizations to adapt, Mario Moreno and his partners saw fertile ground for their business ideas, and founded White ITC.

One of the lessons that the health emergency has left is that technology is a business enabler; an accelerator for the adoption of certain strategies, such as remote work, which in a country like Mexico had not achieved traction among the business community, but with the pandemic it became essential for many industries to stay afloat. It was in this context that White ITC was born as a facilitator in the process of technological and cultural change that companies have to go through to implement these new practices

When starting a business, especially in the tech sector, it is key to choose your business partners wisely. The first thing you have to think about iswho will be my ally? Who will be that business partner with whom I will grow, establish my routes, plans, and go to the market with?”

During that process, we spoke with Intcomex Cloud and what we found, first and foremost, was a human team that generated a lot of trust; friends, people who listen, who are completely willing to collaborate, to add; who understand the reseller that is knocking on their door and who may be starting or reinventing themselves, and they give them all the support to consolidate their offer, they provide the training they require, not only in technical aspects but also in customer service, something that has been vital for us. The value offering that we can deliver to the customer together is an advantage that only working with an ally like Intcomex Cloud gives you […]

The wholesalerdistributor relationship is usually very flat: the distributor places an order with the wholesaler, and not much else. With Intcomex Cloud the difference is that they and we work together, like an extended team, each with their own roles but collaborating closely to advise the customer and make their experience the best […]

The availability of the Intcomex Cloud team is immediate; we send an email with a copy to two or three people from IC and immediately we have someone askingHow can I help? What do you need?’ That is very valuable in this industry.

Mario Moreno
Founder of White ITC.