ICP: Intcomex Cloud Platform

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Intcomex Cloud Platform
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Intcomex Cloud Platform

Intcomex Cloud Platform is the digital platform that Intcomex has designed especially for you, where you will find the broadest products and services portfolio with automated sales processes, implementation and invoicing visibility that will simplify your work.

Increase your sales and solutions, without having to worry about an additional infrastructure.

Unique and centralized management of all your services and their delivery.

Integrated platform with the top cloud brands in the market.

You have access to the most outstanding cloud products and services.


Open your world to new possibilities

With the tools of integration to Intcomex’s cloud business platform (ICP), you can automate your processes, achieving an efficiency that will allow you to focus on what you like the most: to see your business grow.

Using the API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate your systems to ICP, you will be able to do many of the tasks that are daily, recurrent, and that require a high participation of human resources. This kind of tasks, although they are clearly necessary, can be automated so that the demanded time and resources can be used in activities leading to your business’ growth, increasing profitability, and reducing errors and reprocessing, thus ensuring higher efficiency.

White label portal

Did you ever dream of having your own platform to manage
products and services for you and your clients?

You can now customize a platform with your corporate image and brand so it will look like your own. With ICP, you and your clients will be able to handle all your product and service requirements. It’s all just one click away.

With the Marketplace Branding service, you can customize ICP so it will look like your platform, meaning that you will have the following at your disposal:
  • Your own domain to access a personalized ICP

cloud.tudominio.com – If you are able and willing to use a subdomain and configure it following our guidelines.

tudominio.marketplacelatam.cloud – If you prefer us to provide you with this service and make the configuration for you.

  • Your personalized webpage title
  • Your logo instead of Intcomex’s logo on the platform
  • Favicon, if you want to use it
  • Your corporate color outlines
  • Access to the services of your choice
  • Ability to provide access to your clients with the services of your choice

ICP Quotation Tool

Intcomex Cloud’s new platform tool for you to create and manage your quotations easier and more efficiently.

By introducing an SKU of Microsoft’s Open model, ICP Quotation Tool brings you the equivalent options in the CSP model to make the transition easier for you and to facilitate a solution that best fits your clients’ needs.

  • Attach documents to your quotation and carry out with specific requirements from your clients
  • Provide a better follow-up to each quotation
  • ICP Quotation Tool can also act as a document repository for every client and for the corresponding business transactions
  • Carry out a better management of the quotations presented to clients and their evolution
  • Soon you will be able to automatically program your solution supplies
  • You can find the prices to any of our solutions by yourself, in a quick and precise way
  • Create your quotations in PDF or Excel format with your company logo and other pertinent information


Access reports that better fit your purpose and that are presented intuitively, through the most popular and specialized formats according to the product.

  • Know the detail of the services consumed by your clients
  • Follow-up on the annual licenses that will expire soon
  • Keep the control on your platform with alerts on annual renewals, subscriptions, addition of users or services, and much more
  • Description and consumption detail, on a managerial -with power BI- and operational level. This way you will know what your customers consume
  • Know the reasons why subscriptions are deactivated, who does it and whe

And more…


Adding the billing information is very simple and the corresponding information can be accessed online at any moment.

  • Overdue invoicing
  • Invoicing in USD or local currency
  • Proration by days
  • Automation of invoicing cycles


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