Boost your cloud business with our cutting-edge platform designed to drive your strategic decisions and maximize your business opportunities.

EMPOWER brings together customer intelligence, advanced analytics, and growth opportunities in three interconnected modules.

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General Report

• Visualize your Cloud business’s health in a single dashboard through Intcomex.

• Monitor business performance, get real-time sales and renewal details, and make data-driven decisions.


• Harness the power of your past sales. Our advanced analysis uses sales data to generate personalized upsell and cross-sell recommendations.

• Increase customer satisfaction and extend their lifecycle with strategic and relevant offers.

• Discover where to earn extra manufacturer incentives and rebates. *

Prospects Module

• Start off on the right foot by attracting new customers.

• Uncover pre-qualified prospects and receive personalized sales play recommendations.

• Accelerate the acquisition of new customers and establish a solid foundation for ongoing growth.

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