Success cases

Alex Siles Loaiza

Founder and CEO of Artifact SLR. Costa Rica.

For us, Intcomex Cloud is a strategic ally of great weight, which allows us to take our developments to the Latin American markets, and that is exactly what we are looking for

Jonathan Arellano,

Microsoft Executive at Beam IT in Mexico.

In addition to the peace of mind of knowing that they are on our side as an extended arm of our company, we have the assurance that if any problem arises, they would be by our side

Gina Guzman,

CVen. Dominican Republic.

We were successful in ensuring that the presidential elections in the Dominican Republic were carried out efficiently, transparently, and without technical errors, thanks to the hard work and dedication…”

Carlos Mejía,

General Manager, Terra Kaape. Honduras.

The value offering that we can deliver to the customer together is an advantage that only comes with working with an ally like Intcomex Cloud […]

Richard Troncoso,

General Manager, CleverTec, Chile.

“We have a very close relationship with the Intcomex Cloud team in Chile; we feel their constant support both on the platform and in our daily activities; we are very happy

Luis Karg,

Manager of WolkLab, Mexico

“For us it is very important to be competitive. What we offer is also offered by other resellers, and often the differentiating element is the issue of prices; in that sense, having competitive prices is key