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Solutiondriven backup, archiving, and recovery delivered at scale to power the defense of your business.

Dropsuite simplifies data protection so you can focus on delivering what your business does best, providing value and growth. Effortlessly back up Office 365 and websites. Get a better understanding of your business with email intelligence from Insights BI, and more. Become a backup hero by protecting your critical business data with the easiesttouse set of SaaS backup and archiving solutions and a highquality service to guide you.

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Simple and intuitive interface that is packed with useful and powerful features, including information and analysis.

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It integrates with any partner infrastructure and offers optimized provisioning, billing, and support.

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Created for the cloud from day one. Secure public and private cloud platform implemented globally.

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Backup for Microsoft 365

Included with Email Backup, Microsoft 365 Backup is a simple yet powerful solution that automatically protects your most important M365 data in the cloud and restores any file on demand.

Ransomware Protection

Dropsuite‘s backup products guarantee that your business email and related digital assets are fully protected through automatic backup of your data up to 3 times a day with militarygrade secure encryption.

Insights BI email analytics

Included with Email Backup, the Insights BI email analytics tool provides a robust set of analytics tools that turns extensive and complex sets of email data into simple and processable reports, graphs, and tables.

Dropsuite Website Backup

Dropsuite Website Backup is a cloudbased website, a database monitoring and backup service that website owners can use to back up, recover, monitor, and securely protect their website data. This solution is fully cloudbased, is militarygrade secure, and is super easy to use.

Dropsuite Website Backup integrates with most control panels and 1click restoration works across your website‘s entire backup timeline.

Dropsuite Email Backup

Email Backup securely and quickly backs up Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange, IMAP/POP, and OpenXchange. This means no matter which of these systems you use, your critical business email data is backed up securely.

Additional solutions included, such as Microsoft 365 Backup and Insights BI, make Email Backup a powerful tool for business continuity and operational efficiency.


Dropsuite Email Archiving

Email Archiving helps organizations to efficiently store, safeguard, manage and discover data from most email systems through Journaling. eDiscovery, Retention and Legal Hold, Advanced Search and Compliance Review are some features to ensure compliance with regulations.

Email archiving is based on email backup and provides a robust set of tools for your backup needs.



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Tool that allows you to migrate, manage, and protect data in Microsoft 365.

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