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With 3 times more MDR customers than any other provider, Sophos has the experience to deliver the best results.

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Why do companies choose Sophos?

Instant Security

Operations Center


Companies achieve superior results thanks to elite analysts who respond to any threat instantly. This allows them to focus 100% on growing their business and not worry about cyberattacks.

Sophos has everything under control.

Easy integration with

existing teams


If companies already have a security investment, they can get more value from it with a service that integrates with their IT stack. Sophos’ third-party solution list includes SOAR, SIEM, ITSM, threat intelligence, and RMM/PSA tools, with plans to support many more.

Increasing compatibility.

Vision and preparation against cutting-edge cyberattacks


Sophos has an experienced team of hunters constantly researching and proactively seeking threats and how to respond to them. If an incident occurs, the root cause is identified to prevent future incidents.

Acting even before the incident.

The fastest and most effective in the industry


While a threat is detected and neutralized, it can cause a lot of damage. Sophos prides itself on acting and eliminating cyberattacks in record time.

Sophos’ average response time to a threat is only

38 minutes

• Detection: 1 minute
• Investigation: 25 minutes
• Resolution: 12 minutes



 That’s why their

effectiveness is



Sophos plays in a different league!



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