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Professional Services

 Mitigate risk and optimize design, deployment, migration, and integration to the cloud, and incorporate the advantages of new technology into your business and your clients’ faster. Trust our highly qualified service experts to provide a secure and optimized environment that delivers the consistent, high-quality results you expect from the start.



An accurate assessment of your clients’ infrastructure is essential to determine the best path forward and develop a successful cloud strategy.


Our services provide clients with a key guide to achieving their cloud goals. Through client assessment and discovery tools, these services gather and assess critical information on topics such as:


  • Cloud Maturity: Is the client’s current cloud administration and maintenance taking full advantage of the adoption framework it uses? Identity
  • Management: How efficient is the client in managing identities in both on-premises and cloud-deployed solutions?
  • Infrastructure Discovery: What infrastructure does the organization have?
  • Stakeholder Interviews: Are the organization’s actions in line with its business objectives?

Know our Assessment Services


Designed for businesses that want to implement their cloud adoption policies on Azure or AWS.

Designed to determine the migration scenario to Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS services.

I support the building of customized BI & Data Analytics solutions on Azure or AWS.

 Outlining current maturity and identifying areas for improvement regarding the implementation of DevOps culture based on Azure or AWS.

 Advice on implementation of disaster recovery plan for multi-cloud environment, in the global network of Azure and AWS data centers.

Development of a plan for migrating local virtual database and SQL Server to a combination of IaaS and PaaS services in Azure or AWS.

Support for enabling digital transformation strategy through managed services and SAP technical consulting on both Azure and AWS.

 Defined contingency plan, with protocols for action in case of unplanned suspensions of the company’s computer system both in Azure and AWS.

Quick, simple, and effective validation of the implementation of Windows 10 Remote Desktops ensuring the integrity of information

Solution Architects

Architecture and Solution Design

Identify customer needs

Sizing and Quoting for Azure and AWS

Product or Vendor Presentation

Demonstration/Proof of Concept (Lab Setup) (Cloud Migration, Database Migration)

Training (practical laboratory preparation, course preparation).

Quote for professional services provided by self and third parties.

Professional and managed services

Lighten the burden of daily IT administration and technical support for your customers, and improve the efficiency of their operations through automation. Project types include:

  • Server Migration
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service
  • Database Migration to the Cloud
  • Server Replication in the Cloud
  • Email Migration to M365
  • M365 Backup Strategies and Implementation
  • Microsoft Defender Deployment
  • Dynamic 365 Implementation
  • Phone System
  • SAP Migration to the Cloud
  • DevOps in Cloud Projects
  • Security in Cloud Projects
  • SharePoint Migration

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