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The new need is Cyber Protection.

Acronis provides peace of mind to customers.

Easy to install, configure, and manage, Acronis is the top choice for any organization‘s data protection and backup policy.

Help complete data protection plans with hybrid cloud backup

Updates from outdated or expensive solutions to a quick, reliable, and flexible alternative

Reduce the threat of ransomware with advanced detection and protection technology

Keeps the company's important information secure with layers of protection and quick recovery options

Increase user revenue

  • Selling more cyber protection services
  • Increasing margins
  • Improving connection speeds.

Improve service levels

  • Avoiding periods of inactivity proactively
  • Delivering solutions faster

Control Costs

  • One tool for implementations, management, monitoring and support
  • No additional hardware or personnel needed.

Decrease the rotation

  • Improve satisfaction and renewal rate
  • Offer more services

Offer managed security

  • Increase protection for your customers
  • Additional income from services

Intcomex Cloud has Acronis certified specialists both commercially and technically. Find T1 level support for your solution.


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