At Intcomex as a leading distributor in the Americas and the Caribbean, always at the forefront of technology solutions, we have created a division called Intcomex Cloud where we put together a set of tools arranged to help our channels in an easy and fast way to evolve in Your business into the cloud as the most profitable selling trend.

With Intcomex Cloud you can trade with cloud products from different manufacturers, expand your portfolio and get greater incentives than traditional sales.

Entering the cloud product line can be a challenge for the current structure of your business, which is why Intcomex Cloud supports you in this transformation, which, together with your experience, will create a promising formula to reach your final clients

How does Intcomex Cloud help you?


With a selected Portfolio of products in the cloud of the main manufacturers of the market.


Monthly and annual Sales Modalities of portfolio products and services.


Greater value, by delivering flexible and scalable solutions to end customers , with predictable payments making you the preferred cloud provider for your customer.


New Incentives for new sales modalities


Marketplace to centralize the transactions and processes of purchase the products that you acquire in an automated way and via web.


Virtual training platform for your business and technical team


Marketing Material to support your business.