On the digital transformation journey, your customers are looking for ways to manage customer service as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, this task would seem simple because the clarity of the objective is of high complexity. Today, users are asking for information and attention permanently and through multiple channels.

Aware of this situation, Intcomex Cloud introduces you to BotPro, the Cloud solution that relies on artificial intelligence to deliver Automation and Centralization. BotPro is a truly intelligent conversational chatbot platform integrated with a Contact Center.

Just what your customers need!

your customers need!
With BotPro you get an OMNICHANNEL solution where information flows intelligently, no matter where users contact the company. The chatbot and all user contact channels are connected, ensuring a unified front of information and attention. By combining the automation of a Chatbot with online support from agents or human representatives, your customers can improve customer service, generate new business, and increase their sales.

Why will your customers
prefer BotPro?

The platform integrates with Facebook Messenger, websites, mobile apps, WhatsApp Business API, Telegram, social media, and other company channels.

Can be integrated via API with external systems: database, ERP/CRM, Incident Manager, Payment Channels, Email, SMS, Onboarding, Collection Systems, Order Managers, etc.

It has proprietary and pre-trained AI and ML models to ensure rapid deployment. Using proprietary models provides flexibility and independence of service.

Offers availability to respond instantly and 24/7 to all requests made.

Manage effectively contact with human agents.

The configuration tools and “Bot Training” embedded in the app offer autonomy to customers and ensure optimal operation of the Bot.

It is modularly configurable, offering plans tailored to each client, which optimizes customer management costs.

Allows us to measure the effectiveness of the service with traffic reports, contact intent, representative performance, and platform effectiveness to obtain relevant information about the market, users, and processes, to generate improvements over time.

After-sales service is included in the plants to ensure high effectiveness of the service.

BotPro is modularly designed to grow with the development of your customers, adding functionalities tailored to their needs without the need to migrate to another tool.

Intcomex Cloud has designed special plans that respond to different sizes and needs of your customers’ businesses, ensuring from the start that BotPro is bringing value to their digital transformation. Find in our add-ons the functionalities that allow you to increase the performance of the BotPro solution for your customers.

Intcomex Cloud invites you to take your customers to a new dimension of customer service, leveraging BotPro that improves customer satisfaction levels by relying on increased availability to respond instantly and 24/7 to all requests made and contact human agents effectively.

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