Success Case

Wolk LAB and Intcomex Cloud are leaving their mark on the Mexican cyberspace.

Located in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Wolk LAB is a Mexican company dedicated to enabling cloud technologies. In its more than five years in the market, Wolk LAB has specialized in scaling its clients projects, understanding the specific needs they need to cover, in order to offer them the best solution that meets their requirements.

Although the relationship between Wolk LAB and Intcomex Cloud began earlier this year, when Intcomex Cloud signed the Microsoft CSP distribution agreement for the Mexican territory, the teams of both companies have quickly developed a close relationship.

We used to work with another wholesaler, but starting this year we began to commercialize with Intcomex Cloud. In March we did our first joint project, and since then we have done many more.

We have really enjoyed the close relationship we have with Intcomex Cloud‘s commercial and managerial team. Right from the start, Intcomex Cloud invested in us by launching a demand generation campaign, which has been very helpful in closing new deals.

[…]We find it very important to be competitive. What we offer is also offered by other resellers, and often the differentiating element is the price; in that sense, having a wholesaler like Intcomex Cloud has made the difference.

[…] Having a selfmanaged Marketplace, from which to supply licenses and manage them for our users, is a great advantage. In addition, this gives us independence that we did not have in previous schemes, in which we had to wait for the distributor to process the orders, which sometimes took more than 48 hours. Now, with CSP licensing through Intcomex Cloud Marketplace, things happen much faster and more efficiently.

We have developed a very good working synergy with the Intcomex Cloud team, and that is appreciated. They listen to their customers, and we have seen a lot of interest from them in creating conditions that benefit us, which in turn allows us to benefit our customers...”

Luis Karg
Manager of Wolk LAB, Mexico.