Success cases

Intcomex Cloud and AWS join forces to make OneSolutions a safer solution

OneSolutions is a software development and consulting company with operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, and Spain (Barcelona).

Its portfolio of products and services includes enterprise tools such as SAP Business One, Oracle, and PayOne (Payroll and HR software).

Understanding the needs of its clients, OneSolutions developed Humanuss, an HR and payroll management tool under the SaaS model.

This tool allows for clear and effective digitization and automation of personnel information and compensation management, avoiding payroll calculation errors without needing to be an expert accountant.

Humanuss provides the following modules:

  • Payroll and HR
  • Informative Panels
  • Business Organization Chart
  • Absenteeism
  • Vacations
  • Settlements
  • Benefits
  • Current Account
  • Accounting Registry
  • Labor and Additional Reporting
  • Security and Users
  • Self-Service Portal and App for Collaborators
  • Job Positions and Descriptors
  • Collaborator Record
  • Among others.

The Challenge

OneSolutions faced several architecture challenges that they wanted to address.

Firstly, the organization did not have a complete and dynamic security solution that would protect the web application from various bots and attacks that could compromise confidential user information.

The complexity of administration and the high cost of security solutions were a concern for OneSolutions’ system administrators.

Other objectives included providing a scalable infrastructure and detailed security controls through metrics and dashboards that would allow for real-time monitoring of the solution’s protection.

With these objectives in mind, OneSolutions requested the following:

  • Network configuration to support solution growth
  • Integration of a WAF tool to protect web traffic
  • Creation of metrics and reports that provide visibility of the current situation.

As a result, the decision was made to deploy and configure Humanuss in the AWS cloud, reducing the time and effort required to deliver a productive environment at the regional level.


The Solution


The solution involved designing a customized environment for OneSolutions and implementing AWS WAF to ensure security, service availability, filtering web traffic while allowing regular user interaction, real-time visibility of requests, and security recommendations.

With the security objectives of the One Solutions team clear, the implementation of the service proceeds, resulting in the detection of traffic, the application of security rules (to block or permit), and a dashboard that allows monitoring of activity with the option to obtain greater detail through Amazon Cloud Watch.

OneSolutions benefits from the use of managed rules available, which allow them to keep traffic control policies up to date and reduce administrative tasks.

The managed rules used in this solution are part of the catalog of rules provided by AWS.


Solution Diagram 

The Benefits

Thanks to the support of Intcomex, OneSolutions has a secure, scalable, and resilient solution that integrates with various AWS services. OneSolutions’ system administrators have all the information they need centralized and easily accessible to monitor and manage how user traffic flows to the Humanuss ecosystem.

Administrators can access security log files to perform auditing and incident control tasks, along with real-time monitoring tools that allow the creation of dashboards that provide more detailed information.

The utilization of AWS WAF managed rule groups allows OneSolutions’ technical team to manage allowed access levels to the website efficiently.

AWS WAF metrics help the technical team identify possible threats and risks to their application, showing evidence of the number of requests executed and their behavior based on the configured policies.

The new Humanuss configuration provides the necessary confidence for handling confidential information to its different regional users, reducing infrastructure administration tasks while reducing operation and maintenance costs.