Terra Kaape

Bringing the Cloud to the Field

A study by the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) in 2019 revealed that more than 80% of agricultural producers in coffee, cocoa, corn, and pepper producing countries such as Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica were managing traceability manually, on paper and pencil, which limited their ability to certify how much of their crops were produced organically.

Showing to international organizations that certify the origin of crops, for producers implies selling at prices that can be up to 50% higher than those set by international markets, in addition to access to preferential credits and better options to refinance their debts.

This is a system developed by Terra Kaape to solve this problem, which gives producers traceability of all their processes, from planting and harvesting to sale. Based on the volumes and origin of each producer‘s harvest, the solution sets the prices at which they can sell, keeps track of their financial status, and evaluates their credit risk level.

As a result, farmers can certify their harvests, giving them access to better prices and new markets. Additionally, Terra Kaape allows them to keep an exhaustive record of their finances, putting them in a better position when seeking more favorable credit conditions with local financial institutions.

Our customers are farmers and agricultural organizations, so many of them are in remote and difficult to access areas; in some cases, they do not even have a stable electricity service. All of this makes it vital for us to offer our solution from a secure and reliable cloud platform, which producers can access at any time, from any device and from any location.

Intcomex Cloud has allowed us to bring our service to our customers quickly and securely, and has provided us with the computing power we need to grow with our customers and meet their needs.

Additionally, having our product in the Intcomex Cloud Marketplace opens up the possibility of reaching new markets in other regions of Latin America, always with the assurance that we will have the support of such a large and solid organization.

Carlos Mejía
General Manager, Terra Kaape.