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Phishing is a lucrative operation

Phishing is much more than fake banking websites and links to ‘miracle pills’ or package deliveries. It’s a lure waiting to be taken to deliver valuable information. In other words, it’s about convincing you to hand over something valuable to the attacker.

Phishing techniques

This is an example of a phishing email that clearly demonstrates the simplicity and effectiveness of routine (deceptive) messages:

Exponential growth driven by the dark web

Fueled by the ‘dark web’ -the unindexed part of the Internet not covered by conventional search engines and characterized by a lack of regulation, which fosters illegal activities such as phishing as a service-, phishing attacks have become such an active part of everyday life that 41% of IT professionals report that their company experiences phishing attacks at least once a day, for example.

Departments most affected by
phishing attacks

Sophos’ triple strategy
against phishing

Visibility and training:

Effective phishing training and simulation program, consisting of three stages:
• Test by sending phishing emails that simulate real tactics to assess user awareness.
• Train users to detect and stop threats.
• Evaluate progress and improvement through tracking to demonstrate ROI and plan for future training.

Pre-delivery email security technologies:

• Antispam
• Sender reputation
• Sender authentication
• Secure spaces
• Blocking malicious URL addresses

Post-delivery endpoint security techniques:

• Deep learning
• Antiexploits
• Antiransomware

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protection against phishing

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