SJ Fuel is the cloud solution for modern and efficient management of gas stations, from precise control of fuel inventories and complementary business lines, such as convenience stores or automotive wash, mechanics and tire repair services; to personnel management, supplier relationship, payment systems, and financial administration.


Intelligent Management Software for Fuel Stations

With SJ FUEL, fuel retailers, whether large corporations with multiple outlets or small businesses, have TOTAL CONTROL OF THEIR BUSINESS.

Intelligent Business Management

SJ Fuel allows for fuel sales to be made considering the types and prices specified in the modules.

The system adjusts billing models for either individuals or businesses as required. Furthermore, SJ Fuel adapts quickly and intelligently to the sale of other products or services without the need for additional modules.

Payment Options

SJ Fuel provides fuel retailers with a wide range of payment options:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Prepaid tickets
  • Fuel vouchers

Inventory Control

SJ Fuel allows you to keep track of fuel inventory at each dispenser, each station, and the business as a whole.

The system promptly detects any inconsistencies between available inventory and billing, allowing for immediate action to be taken.

360 Degree Administration

SJ Fuel makes it possible to manage processes integrally so that administrators and owners have total visibility of the data. Being a cloud solution, SJ Fuel is accessible from anywhere, which facilitates making timely and accurate business decisions.

SJ Fuel is also a highly useful tool for accountability to the regulatory bodies of the country or region in which the business operates.

Human Resource Management

The system allows the assignment of vending machines by operator and shift, and the information is recorded for queries or workload analysis, among other improvement or productivity actions to consider.


The frequent changes in international oil prices make it necessary for the authorities regulating the fuel retail industry to adjust rates very often. SJ FUEL automates the adjustments in prices according to what the regulatory bodies indicate.

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