Manage and effortlessly implement virtual desktops in Azure

Quote, implement, manage, and scale Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deployments with an easytouse multiuser platform.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) came to eliminate all the limitations that used to be present in previous virtual desktop technologies.

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Accelerate your deployment and implementation of virtual desktops in Azure.

Nerdio is an Azuremanaged application for creating robust virtual desktop environments.


Simple, automated, and guided implementation

Perfect integrations in existing implementations

Intuitive Session and User Management

Complete Host Session Management

Management and creation of unified desktop images

Supervision of usage and performance

Integrated FSLogix Profile Management

Administrator Event Notifications

Advanced programming and event-based auto-scaling

Desktop Image and Backup and Version Control of the Host

Tenant Management of WVD Based on Functions

Full and traceable audit trail

Simplified Prices

The easytouse cost estimation assistant allows you to quickly quote Azure Virtual Desktop environments and easily monitor monthly costs.

Quick to implement, less than 1 hour

Save time and implement a full virtual desktop environment in less than an hour or an existing environment in minutes.

Without effort to manage.

Single, easytouse admin panel simplifies Azure administration in 3 clicks or less.

Significant cost savings

Save up to 75% on consumption costs by automatically scaling your virtual desktop environments. Monitor the status of your WVD environments with patented autorecovery and autoscaling technologies.

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