Marketing Planner DS

Marketing teams are faced with the challenge of achieving communication and persuasion goals with clients while also presenting their work and results to the different departments within the company with whom they interact during the creative process.

With Marketing Planner DS, Intcomex Cloud puts in your hands an easy-to-use cloud-based solution that allows your clients to plan campaigns, assign tasks, define priorities, and manage budgets.

Give your clients the ability to manage campaigns from any device, allowing them to:

Identify compliance

Control assigned resources

Assign responsibilities

Monitor planned and executed budget

Track assigned tasks

Your clients will achieve these benefits without the need to use complex applications, with a simple and user-friendly interface that allows the team to work focused and synchronized, minimizing employee burnout and resource waste, ensuring efficient management

Easy and quick setup

Easy to use

Access from anywhere


Adjusts to the size of the equipment


Exportable results


With Marketing Planner DS, your clients will always be aware of the work of their marketing team, ensuring high productivity and enjoying:

• Comfortable working environment

• Customization and differentiation of campaigns with colors • Accessibility from anywhere • Ease of use

• Performance control without conflicts

• Visibility of budget and execution

• Alert for assigned tasks and upcoming deadlines

• Notification of overdue tasks

• Control panel with easy visualization of campaigns and tasks

• Individual or team task visualization

• Access control by campaigns or tasks

• Assignable visualization and execution profiles according to the user

• Parallel workflow to management, without duplication of effort.

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