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A point of sale system is a comprehensive purchasing and sales system designed to invoice a business. It allows for inventory control, management of customer and vendor information, and tracking of accounts receivable and payable. It also allows for the creation of Proforma invoices (estimates), contingency plans for offline and online transactions, electronic invoicing, layaways, credit and debit notes, receipts, and more, while also managing the daily cash flow. It can easily adapt to your business model and can also be integrated with other CRM platforms or electronic invoicing systems.


No PC installation required

The system is web-based, so it does not require any program to be installed. It is configured and can start billing immediately.

Integrated to Electronic Invoice

Integrates natively with the
platform for sending invoices and electronic tickets.
electronic tickets

Compatible with mobile devices

Designed to be compatible with multiple platforms such as cell phones and tablets

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Microsoft Azure technology provides security to companies with an integrated platform of tools that avoids integration problems and risks of evolution or continuity, all without having to resort to third-party solutions.

  • Product inventory management
  • User role management
  • Purchases, sales, and orders
  • Multiple reports
  • Expense control L
  • abel printing
  • Import of CSV products
  • Cash and card payments
  • Products by expiration date
  • Expiration date alert
  • Printing of barcodes and labels
  • Sale by price group
  • Discounts and transportation charges
  • Sales return
  • Restaurant functionality
  • Waiters and bartenders
  • Table reservation
  • Table assignment by waiter
  • Sending notifications by email
  • Kitchen order display
  • Multicurrency support

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