Finanzas 365

Finanzas365 is a management control and analysis solution for SMEs that provides real-time information on the company’s performance, so that directors, managers, and supervisors have the support that facilitates decision-making. It combines software development and financial and strategic advice and includes analysis of sales, expenses, collections, payments, and investments indicators, carried out by trained professionals.

It helps improve

business results.

It projects future business

scenarios and generates

a growth plan.

It provides key real-time

information for businesses,

for better decision-making.

It analyzes information and

proposes plans to optimize

revenues and expenses.

It anticipates problems

before it’s too late.

Available from any device with

a user-friendly and

easy-to-navigate view.

With this application, your clients can:

    -Analyze the evolution of sales and expenses, compared to previous periods.

    -Know sales by seller, branch, product, and customer.

    -Track the evolution of expenses and investments.

    -Know the margin by product and business unit.

    -Have budget control.

    -Keep track of debtors.

    -Obtain management, financial, and strategic reports.

    “Having sales by salesperson, product, and customer at all times provides certainty in decision-making.
    Your clients no longer waste time creating reports in Excel. They have profit by product very easily.
    Finanzas365 guides them in a model to measure and manage the main indicators of the company.”


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