Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server 

What is the Amazon EC2 Delivery Program for Microsoft Windows Server?

The Amazon EC2 Delivery Program for Microsoft Windows Server aims to assist AWS partners in planning, deploying, and managing the migration to the cloud and the modernization of Windows-based solutions for their customers. With expertise in implementing and migrating Microsoft workloads, Amazon EC2 Delivery Partners for Microsoft Windows Server can maximize their agility, security, and profitability. This means they can offer their customers a seamless migration of critical Windows applications while ensuring an increase in operational efficiency and a higher level of cloud security.

Success Cases

OneSolutions: Cloud Transformation with AWS and Intcomex Cloud for Increased Security and Scalability

OneSolutions is a software development and consulting company with operations in Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, and Spain (Barcelona).

Its portfolio of products and services includes enterprise tools such as SAP Business One, Oracle, and PayOne (Payroll and HR software).

Understanding the needs of its clients, OneSolutions developed Humanuss, an HR and payroll management tool under the SaaS model.

This tool allows for clear and effective digitization and automation of personnel information and compensation management, avoiding payroll calculation errors without needing to be an expert accountant.

Charting Success in the Cloud: How Aplicom Overcame Security and Efficiency Challenges with AWS and Intcomex Cloud

Aplicom is a Costa Rican company that has been serving as a commercial ally in the digital transformation processes of companies for over 24 years.

As a 100% Costa Rican enterprise, their value proposition lies in empowering organizations with technology, innovation, and knowledge, reducing operational expenses, and increasing efficiency and productivity across all processes.

Aplicom’s core business revolves around document management solutions, with over 500 active clients and a monthly digitization volume of approximately 2.5 million documents.