The world is changing and your business must change with it. Digital transformation is a reality and it affects all aspects of a company, generating a positive impact and thus increasing the company‘s value proposition in its entirety.

DATABOXY has been designed to work in realtime while you carry out your daily tasks, optimizing, improving and making more efficient the organizational structure, training processes, the relationship with the collaborator and shareholders, the relationship with suppliers, management information and decisionmaking tools.

Adaptable to your business rules, DATABOXY interacts directly with your company‘s departments, allowing your entire team to be aware of the corresponding tasks, project statuses, procedures, all without time or location restrictions.

The raw material of good decisions is information. That is exactly what DataBoxy does for a company.

Provide access and full control of information in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Amazing Features

Control and efficiency
  • See all your business information: connect DataBoxy to your enterprise systems and get realtime data visualization anywhere and anytime.
  • Alert and prioritize: set rules to determine when a process is deviating from its normal behavior and get immediate information on what needs your attention.
  • Connect information: The universal search engine allows you to find your information no matter what system or process it is in and no matter what platform or device you are using.
Power up the workflow
  • Set up labels, stamps, stickers, or signage to allow you to classify, unify, and visualize data as a whole.
  • Assign general or specific tasks to your subordinates or colleagues without having to provide context information as the tool provides it automatically.
  • See the record of tasks, responses, actions, and notes that each workflow had to have a complete overview when making decisions.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning: Stop classifying your documents, let our machine learning robot take care of that according to the experience acquired from your users. Set the attributes you want in each process and let ML take care of filling in the missing data.
  • Connect our chatbot so you can get all the information provided by DataBoxy through voice commands, you can even create tasks, questions and authorizations through it.
  • Our robotY will be in charge of asking you those things that Machine Learning can‘t process, he will be your work companion.
  • Databoxy is very concerned about the security of your data so the information will always travel encrypted.
  • The information can be stored in our private cloud, which has the highest security standards according to international regulations and high access speed, or it can be stored in the customer‘s premises.
  • The information will always be in a data repository exclusive to each client.

In a world that demands efficiency, speed, and quality today, time optimization, innovation, and security are key to ensuring the success of your business.


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