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Nerdio really condenses and consolidates the processes that are necessary to set up an Azure environment for customers. It condensed it from hours or even days down to minutes. It’s a great tool. It allows us to be able to spin up an entire IT environment in the cloud quite quickly.”

– George Sanchez, CEO, Teamlogic IT.

How does Nerdio make Managed Service Providers’ lives easier?


For any MSP, creating a sustainable cloud practice may appear expensive and complicated. Above all, moving away from the on-premise infrastructures world where they built their comfort zone for one where they charge customers based on consumption, may seem risky. Well, thanks to Nerdio, it’s none of the above.
It’s cost-effective: No need to incur in the costs of hiring external “illuminated geniuses”, or having to retrain your technical staff.
No It’s uncomplicated: Dealing with tons of services across IaaS, DaaS, ITaaS results intimidating? It should not, Nerdio simplifies it to the max
It’s not risky: A consumption-based business model means steady, predictable income
The definitive Azure pricing, deployment, optimization, and management solution for MSPs
Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) provides organizations remote access to apps and services on Windows 7 or Windows 10. Using Nerdio for Azure, migrating to WVD is 60-second matter.


Nerdio’s Cost Estimator makes pricing easy and error-free.
Manage your users’ desktops, servers, VMs, and more, easily from one centralized location
There’s a Nerdio package perfect for you
Automatically deploys a complete IT environment in the cloud within two hours; no need for an experienced engineer.
Nerdio’s AutoScanning means you only pay for what you use, saving money to you and your customers.

*Prices on Nerdio estimator don’t reflect possible

discounts and offers specific to Intcomex Cloud partners.
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