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Unlock a 15% Discount for Microsoft 365 Business Premium

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New Customers on Microsoft Cloud


• Elevate your offerings as a CSP partner with an impressive 15% price reduction on M365 Business Premium for eligible clients.


• Exclusively available through the cutting-edge partner-driven commerce experience (CSP).


• Reserved for new customers embracing the Microsoft Cloud journey (subject to new customer criteria). Azure consumption commitments won’t impact eligibility.

Why Opt for Microsoft 365 Business Premium?


It’s the ultimate solution for SME clients, enabling them to securely manage and transform their businesses, anytime and anywhere.


This AI-empowered, comprehensive cloud suite enhances hybrid systems, ensuring greater efficiency.


By harnessing cloud-based tools, businesses are primed to embrace emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence.


Elevate productivity and foster seamless collaboration, all while harnessing the secure and scalable infrastructure of Microsoft’s cloud ecosystem.

Key Advantages of Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Experience elevated productivity and collaborative power
with renowned applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams.
Elevate security measures
with advanced threat protection and data access controls.
Centralize device management
and enforce robust security policies.
Amplify data agility and availability
through cloud storage with OneDrive.
Empower business communications
with secure Exchange Online email services.
Realizing real-time teamwork
with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.
Integrate seamlessly
with an array of Microsoft applications and services.

Terms and Conditions:
*Promotion valid from August 1st to December 31st, 2023.

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