Boost your SQL Server with Azure Arc

Pay-as-you-go licenses with exclusive discounts

With Azure Arc, you can centrally and efficiently migrate and manage your SQL Server instances. And the best part? irresistible discounts!

Now you can save between 15% and 30% compared to what you pay for traditional subscriptions or the perpetual CSP model.

SQL Server has a vast installed base that we can grow and associate with new sources of Azure revenue.

If migration to Azure is not possible:

Sell more SQL

based on customer needs.

Associate Azure services with each SQL Server

Pay attention to this information!

Introducing the new pay-as-you-go billing model for SQL Server

Greater profitability by paying only for what you use

SQL Server pay-as-you-go licenses enabled by Azure Arc
(per core per month/hour)
Standard edition
$73 $0.100
Enterprise edition
$274 $0.375


*Minimum licensing per server: 4 cores

Flexible licensing options

Choose between consumption-based licenses and perpetual licenses for SQL Server


Pay per hour for peaks and ad-hoc usage. No need for a complete upfront investment.

Supports hybrid deployment

Consistent purchasing option for on-premises and third-party cloud installations

Azure Arc-enabled SQL Server architecture

 1  Onboard an Arc-enabled server

 2  Onboard Arc-enabled SQL Server

3A Enroll Microsoft Defender and protect SQL Server

3B Enroll SQL assessment for best practices evaluation

SQL Server migration recommendations



Active Software Assurance or Subscription License

Migrate to Azure

Key message: Savings with Azure Hybrid Benefit, Reserved Instances, Savings plan

On Premises

  • New licenses: SQL Arc Enabled PAYG
  • Current licenses: Connect SQL to Azure Arc

License without
Software Assurance

Migrate to Azure

Key message: Reduce operational risk, change from CAPEX to OPEX, Savings with Reserved Instances and Savings plan

On Premises

  • New licenses: SQL Arc
  • Enabled PAYG
  • Current licenses: Connect SQL to Azure Arc

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