Effective communication with customers and consumers is a priority for all organizations. Social networks facilitate this interaction, but also impose the need for quick and personalized attention.

Intcomex Cloud offers Smart Media, an omnichannel customer service and interaction system for Social Networks, developed as SaaS, to get the most out of the cloud. Help your customers maintain a smooth communication with their consumers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, improving their performance on social networks.

With Smart Media, your customers enjoy increased customer response effectiveness, thanks to centralization, measurements, indicators, reports, and user control.


The centralization of multiple social media channels simplifies tracking, ensuring that all requests are attended to. It allows for unified management of various accounts.

Performance measurement of agents allows for corrective action and ensures continuous improvement of the service offered.

The generation of consolidated and unalterable reports guarantees the reliability of the information handled, analyzed, and generated.

The use of a centralized Dashboard and statistics ensure that data is turned into relevant information for business management.

Your customers will enjoy the following features of Smart Media:

Direct management of

customer responses.

Time Management of

Customer Wait Time

Transfer of


Performance report and realtime indicators

Customer Segmentation and Prioritization Management






of queues

Smart Media is ideal for facilitating the following processes:


Communicating offers, discounts, and relevant information when receiving contact from a customer.

Technical Support

Effectively meet the support needs of customers

Lead Generation

From tracking the needs of customers.

Reservation Management

To facilitate customer bookings, with the assurance of meeting all requests.


Establish contact and follow up on talent search processes.

Case Tracking

Speed up the tracking and resolution of customer service and support cases.

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