Intcomex Cloud presents you with a new business opportunity: get to know SKEDU, the 100% online solution that will help your customers manage their services.

SKEDU is the online scheduling system marketed by Notros for businesses of all sizes. It allows users to book online appointments or shifts for the services offered by your clients, organizing demand for services and allowing for more efficient management of their use.

What can your customers do on SKEDU?
What can your customers do on SKEDU?
  • Schedule multiple services for your business in different service modalities:
    • Inperson services
    • Home services
    • Teleservices provided through video conferencing via Zoom
  • Customize the number of services offered and the time blocks for service
  • View the occupancy of each service
  • View appointments by date, with indication of confirmed appointments
  • Automatically send appointment reminders to users with the option to confirm or cancel
  • Analyze the demand and occupancy of each resource centrally
  • Analyze user consumption and manage loyalty programs
  • Personalize the interface image with users to enhance the image of your brand.


  • Private medical
  • Consultations
  • Beauty salons and hairdressers
  • Entertainment
  • Gyms
  • SPA & Wellness centers
  • Veterinary clinics

Offer your customers multiple benefits.

Possibility of offering 24/7 reservations

Eliminate the need for dedicated scheduling services

Agenda Management: Visualize and analyze occupancy and demand in a centralized way

Servicio de agendamiento totalmente automático

100% cloud

All Skedu and Skedu Pro plans allow each of your services to schedule up to 5 simultaneous slots in each time block (you can purchase additional simultaneous slots if needed).

Integration with Zoom for telehealth services

Customizable: Your client's image will be the star

Intuitive design and easy to configure, use and maintain: no special system knowledge required.

User information logging: allows for tracking of historical behavior and setting up loyalty programs.

Easy and accessible support

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