Intcomex Cloud puts in your hands the best solution for the healthcare sector.

The healthcare sector has many complexities in its management. Your clients don‘t need to add one more, by choosing administrative solutions that fall short of meeting their needs. Confidently offer them the most comprehensive clinical management solution.

The system developed for hospitals, medical centers, or independent health professionals.

Manage complexity with Philaxmed, making it easier to manage a single solution that offers complete business management and control through modules developed with daily work in mind.

In addition to the desktop version, users can access Philaxmed through the mobile App, which allows:

  • Direct access to view daily, weekly, and monthly agenda
  • Mobile notifications for bookings, confirmations, cancellations, etc.
  • Customizable Notifications
  • Direct Access to Patient List and Personal Data
  • Visualization of appointments with color code that identifies the status of the appointment.

Clinical Agenda

Easily and quickly control and view the schedule of services offered by your business.

Online Appointment Booking

Allow producing and sharing the link for booking from Instagram, Facebook, or the client‘s website.

Medical Record

Allow for the generation of Medical, Kinesiological, and Psychological Records. Facilitates the full visualization of the patient‘s medical history.


This module allows for the management of nonfacetoface services.

Collections Module

Allow immediate invoicing to be delivered or shared with the patient, and to be recorded by the accountant or person in charge of accounting.


Get reports and statistics based on the information entered in the other modules of Philaxmed.

When your customers use Philaxmed, you are guaranteeing the growth of their business and yours. Because customers who use Philaxmed:

  • Generate recurring revenue due to being a monthly billing service.
  • They are customers that you retain because they are working with your solution on a daily basis.
  • Their customers will be developing and growing, complementing the initial services with new solutions.
  • They enjoy easy and quick installation.
  • Take advantage of the personalized technical support offered directly by the developers.

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