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Nexetic Backup is a reliable, secure, and fast way to back up data in Microsoft 365. Over 5,000 customers use Nexetic Backup every day to ensure business continuity.

Nexetic Backup Microsoft 365 provides automatic backup of your company‘s critical data. Instant data recovery, GDPR compliance, protection against user errors and malware.

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Get cloud backup servers, protection of your critical business data, and backups on your computer easily and reliably


Easy to implement

You don‘t need to install any software. With one click, you can activate backup for all users and their data in Office 365.

All your information is protected 24/7.

Your Microsoft 365 data is automatically backed up. The backup is continuous, so all your data is always protected everywhere. Automatic backup twice a day.

Fast Data Search and Restoration

You can restore data on your local computer or revert back to the O365 environment. You can also access and restore previous versions.

Maintenance without complications

You can view all of your company‘s teams from the Nexetic Backup Microsoft 365 portal. For example, you can monitor the backup and add new users. You can also log in with your Microsoft credentials, as well as inherit Microsoft 365 permissions. Administrators and end users can easily search and restore data.


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Tool that allows you to migrate, manage, and protect data in Microsoft 365.

It is the solution that makes it possible to implement personalized email signatures for all employees.

Natively integrates backup and cybersecurity, simplifying administration and automation in a single console.

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