Monitor the attendance and punctuality of the workforce in real time.

With ISY, you can track the entries, geographical location, and exits of the workforce in businesses. This innovative, quickly implementable attendance system eliminates the current complications with traditional attendance devices and reduces significant costs in the organization. The system integrates with your current payroll application, simplifying the tasks of the human resources department.

Main Features

The attendance control of personnel is done by taking the email and face of the person as information for their identification.

This is not an access control solution, this is an attendance control system which, through geolocation mechanisms, integration with the Azure Active Directory and facial recognition, allows the organization to identify its employees and know the physical location from which they enter the system.

The records of the entry information, geographical location, and exits are stored in a database which is then used by the human resources personnel to make the calculations for payments and deductions.

With ISY you have:

Attendance control and geographic location of personnel.

Cost reduction through controlled compliance with work schedule and route.

Quick implementation, easy to use and low cost requirement for use.

Easy to use Mobile App.

What do you need to implement ISY?


Have an Office 365 or Azure subscription.


Have a domain that identifies the company.

Additionally, user accounts must be registered in Azure AD to make a relationship between this account and Azure Cognitive Services, the information that the application collects is stored in an Azure SQL Server database and the maps are displayed with Azure Maps, finally the attendance control panels are deployed using Power BI.

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