Eductec is a solution developed with Microsoft 365 Education that fits the needs of each educational center.

Eductec is the ideal tool for schools and primary institutions.


An endless array of possibilities.

Online Platform

Your organization‘s defined access portal, your students will be able to access the most relevant information about their class development and academic progress.

Student Profile

Basic information related to students such as schedules, assessment reports, and access to classes.

Access to modules

Manage the content delivered in the virtual classroom, the application includes the automation of academic processes.

About your institution

Show, display, and allow your students to easily find information about the institution such as mission, vision, and values.

Organize and manage

Assessment instruments, organize bimonthly grades, attendance, and automatically generate evaluation reports.

Video Classes

Ready to connect with your students with Microsoft Teams integration! Build a dynamic virtual environment and adapt your classes.

User Interface

For Microsoft Teams® users, phone functionality is configured through the command line, directly in the application, including the native dialer of Microsoft Teams®. The native dialer of Microsoft Teams® allows users to make calls both outside and within their organization, without the need for additional hardware or software.

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