All sizes of businesses are looking for ways to optimize their processes every day and are constantly working to increase efficiency. In this search process, it is necessary for all components of the value chain to be integrated. But they cannot stop there.

It is equally important that all actors in the value chain also participate in this improvement and optimization process, to enhance the results of each organization.


BLIZWORK is a process automation platform that involves all the elements of your customers Value Chain and Network, thus allowing both the company‘s internal actors and its customers and suppliers to be integrated, so that, by collaborating in the processes, a more effective, faster and simpler work is developed, which allows working together to create value.


Create the workflow that your business needs.


Transform your processes into digital and personalized workflows for your business. Increase coordination and productivity of your team, work collaboratively within your business and with your customers or suppliers.



  • Your customers can sign up for free to submit cases to your account.
  • Instant text messaging between the two parties.
  • Messaging alerts, tracking and closing of cases.
  • File, image and content transfer in multiple formats. Automatic generation of reports and graphics for your periodic management.
  • Creation of forms to capture the necessary information.
  • Tools for registering and managing cases.
  • Privacy and security of information for both users and account owners.
  • Cloud and responsive use platform


Tool that allows you to migrate, manage, and protect data in Microsoft 365.

It is the solution that makes it possible to implement personalized email signatures for all employees.

Natively integrates backup and cybersecurity, simplifying administration and automation in a single console.

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