Smart Time 365

Solution of flexible time and management assistance

SmartTime365 provides small and medium businesses with an easytouse, costeffective, and highly efficient biometricsbased time tracking tool. The solution comes prepackaged as a readytouse product, containing all the necessary hardware and mounting accessories, as well as instructional material on how to use the solution.

Effective Time Tracking

SmartTime365 tracks time, time out, arrival late or early, PTO such as sickness and vacation; counts work hours and has the ability to create and export payrolls.


It is not necessary to have a considerable budget nor to waste time requesting quotes from multiple suppliers.

Easy to use

Quick to set up, easy to use, easy to maintain.


The hardware, userfriendly software, hosting, and support services come as a package.

Connect and play

Solution ready to use with all the knowledge any modern business needs.

Smart Investment

High return on investment; little technical experience required

The SmartTime365 attendance management solution combines biometrics with integrated algorithms to integrate with most payroll solutions, improving time tracking and eliminating data entry.



A QR code accessible portal

To deliver a catalog of services, products, and promotions it will be your own website!


A catalog of products, services and prices, no contact.

Where you can define categories, images, descriptions for your customers to access selfmanaged store pickup and delivery payment.


A promotions and offers engine

For your customers to prominently communicate their current offers.


Un canal de ventas
Permite la venta online de productos y servicios, con integración de medios de pago que incluyen Transferencia Bancaria y servicios de pago.


Interaction with consumers

Direct communication with customers in a secure way. Get to know them and make them loyal.


Business Statistics

Your customers will have a control panel to manage their Elun XP account and view the associated service statistics.

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