It is an omnicanal chatbot solution, with artificial intelligence and a module of human agents, which allows companies to centralize all their digital channels in one place. It will allow to provide immediate responses 24/7 to your customers; increase sales and orders; reduce costs and centralize all the digital channels of the company in a single platform.

Benefits for partners

 Communication| Administration


Ideal for Service Companies, Public Institutions, Finance, Insurance, Retail and Sales and Telecom Operators. BotPro will allow you as a reseller:

  • Monthly Recurring Billing
  • Increase in sales
  • Attractive profit margins
  • Technical and commercial support
  • Diversification of portfolio
  • Cross selling with other solutions

17,000+ Clients 7 Million+ Users

Expert Experience + Next Generation Solutions

Communication, Business

Have you ever felt frustrated by conversations with bots that don‘t understand what you want and don‘t know when to pass the communication to a human? BotPro offers a unique combination of expertise from their experts with cuttingedge tools and solutions that allow your bot to know what to respond, and most importantly when to pass it to a flesh and blood representative.

Solution for the most complete chatbot

  • Integrate all the company‘s digital channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Website.
  • Mobile Applications, as well as via API with external systems (database, ERP/CRM, Incident Manager)
  • Modularly Configurable to offer a cost that fits the needs of any company
  • Postsale services included in the plans to guarantee high effectiveness of the service.

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Tool that allows you to migrate, manage, and protect data in Microsoft 365.

It is the solution that makes it possible to implement personalized email signatures for all employees.

Natively integrates backup and cybersecurity, simplifying administration and automation in a single console.

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