Efficient, secure desktop virtualization
experience delivered on Azure


In an ever more mobile work environment, to remain competitive your clients need to make sure that every member of their work teams has fast and reliable remote access to all the apps, services, and resources they need, from every device and any browser.

Windows Virtual Desktop is the fully manageable desktop virtualization solution in the cloud from Microsoft.

  • Provides a no-compromise, completely satisfactory users experience
  • Reduces risks of confidential information loss by isolating the computer environment from users’ devices
  • Allows IT not to worry so much about the devices that connect to the infrastructure as long as they do it from a secure network
  • Gives users the freedom to connect from any device over the internet
  • Enables central management security of users’ desktops with less IT overhead
  • Allows to run Window 7 desktops in the cloud without having to pay for extended security updates for up to three years, passed the end of support date of January 14, 2020
  • Runs operation system, data, and apps in a remote server, separating them from local hardware
  • Makes Virtual Desktops (VDs) run in close proximity with apps and services that connect to data centers or the cloud

Secure outbound server connection with unlimited capacity.


Virtual Desktop

allows to:

Choose any size Virtual Machine (VM) in Azure and adapt the density of users according to your workflow needs
Obtain full control over VHD images. Use pre-built Azure images or custom images
Gain efficiency by running a single Virtual Desk in a multi-user’s virtual scenarios with the support of leading apps like OneNote and Office 365
Apply an entire desktop, remote apps, or both
Create collections of VMs “Host Pools” for specific users. Choose the right Virtual Desktop for each team according to their specific needs
Load-balance users on your VM “Host Pools” as needed
Deploy and scale in minutes, move up or down as needed, pay only for what you use
Reduce running costs through OneDrive fast and bottomless storage, while providing best-in-class file access performance

For end users

Windows Virtual Desktop offers a no-compromise experience between their virtual desktop running on any device or browser, and the productivity they would have from a locally hosted desktop.


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