Take advantage
against the
Public Sector challenges

The private sector is constantly changing and improving their computing, and the public sector is embracing the inevitable digital transformation. We provide data analytics solutions and mobility applications that will innovate and ultimately impact the service that public diligent offer.

Public Administration solutions

Intcomex te brinda la posibilidad de expandir tus servicios con las soluciones Cloud. Discover them!

Increase the learning level with
Education Industry solutions

The most successful way to empower students is by providing their trainers the best tools and resources. We help you develop education solutions to increase the learning outcome, manage students’ performance and enable modern learning; facilitating bundles with systems and contents and LMS.

Education solutions

Intcomex offers you solutions to empower each student to achieve more. Expand your services though the Cloud solutions.

Meet and overcome the challenges that governmental models face through digital solutions.

Digital innovation and growth help the government achieve their commitments with people, optimize their operations and innovate in their services. Microsoft integrated and flexible solutions will help you protect citizens and mitigate disasters as you discover digital transformation.

Government solutions

Intcomex provides you with solutions to understand and meet citizens’ needs efficiently.

Get more efficient, effective and productive health organizations with Cloud tools.

An optimized operation guarantees engaged patients! Improve your health services by offering rapid access to information and by analyzing data successfully (based on insight reports). Make the decision to show your experience and competitivity thanks to our digital and marketing solutions.

Health Sector Cloud Solutions

Learn how the powerful and intelligent Cloud platform solutions can transform the organizational healthcare process.

Optimize, transform and develops new business models with solutions in the Cloud.

Discover how to thrive in complex compliance environments within the manufacturing industry, by exploring the power of the Cloud. Our broad suite of cloud products and services are built from the ground up to address the most rigorous security and privacy demands, so get ready to lead in your field!

Manufacturing solutions

Discover how solutions are used in the Cloud to generate added value to industrial processes.

It facilitates digital transformation and drives the optimization of communications with Cloud tools.

The Communications and Media industry is in constant change due to the level of competition within it. In order to succeed. companies must combine different resources and tools, but always having in mind technology. We help you provide a personal, seamless and unique experience to your customers, so your brands or messages become unforgettable.

Communications and media solutions

Find out and combine Cloud solutions for your digital transformation.

Secure and productive digital working environments for financial institutions.

Experience an intelligent banking transformation! Lead the industry with unprecedented changes in your financial services, we help you develop new business models that combine agility and security and that is completely reliable. Take the chance to optimize your operations and risk management today.

Financial services solutions

The Cloud combines agility and security, offering you the best solutions for the financial sector.

It offers a differentiated experience, transforming customer service in the Retail Sector.

Let us help you transform your customer services and to deliver a differentiated experience to your customers, as you improve your operations and uncover new revenue streams. Empower your people to reach their maximum potential and reimagine your business with us.

Retail and consumer goods solutions

Intcomex provides you with comprehensive, customized and differential solutions that facilitate your digital transformation.



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