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With Intcomex Cloud and Azure, help your clients find success in the cloud by walking the path to their digital transformation together.

You know the business, technical and organizational benefits of the move to the cloud for your clients. When you know your clients in depth, you can identify their needs and match them to the solutions they find in the Azure cloud.

It’s time for you to reveal all the benefits to their business that come with cloud adoption. And you don’t have to do it alone or find out the best way to do it. Intcomex Cloud accompanies you and offers you the Cloud Adoption Methodology, so that the process leads your clients to think and operate as a modern digital enterprise.

  • Business-focused application update.
  • Managed services
  • No hardware investment or maintenance costs
  • No infrastructure management
  • Use of a secure, scalable and low-cost solution.
  • With included data intelligence tool, they can move from raw data to dashboards with decision-ready information in minutes.
  • Identifying new sources of income
  • Revenue increases from well-known sources
  • Cost reduction
  • Increased profits
  • Decrease in capital and operating expenses
  • Quick adaptation to market changes
  • Reduced time to market
  • Provisioning autonomy
  • Increasing the company’s reach
  • Expansion to new markets
  • Compliance in different industries and regions
  • Reduced service times
  • Direct interaction
  • Automation with AI to focus resources on non-automated tasks.
  • Applications close to clients without affecting data residency
  • Compliance and resilience for clients and their users
  • Easier and less expensive business continuity with cloud backup and disaster recovery.

Using the cloud helps your clients:

  • Reducing their carbon emissions
  • Use their resources more efficiently
  • Reducing their environmental footprint

What are the advantages of operating in the cloud and becoming a modern digital enterprise?

When is the time for your clients to move to the cloud?

We’ve identified some triggers that your clients may be experiencing, that you can identify, and that will tell them it’s time to migrate to the cloud.

Because each client is a world, there are different migration and modernization scenarios you can face. Look at the ones we’ve identified, and where Intcomex Cloud is ready to go with you and support you:

Use the Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). With this proven guide, we help you build and implement business and technology strategies needed to ensure the success of cloud organizations.



  • Plan projects with a world-class methodology.
  • Generate stories to tell and expand.
  • Position cloud solutions across the known portfolio.
  • Generate recurring revenue.
  • Become a partner of your clients, building relationships instead of managing transactions.
  • Digitally transform your clients’ operation



Business justification and results


Adoption plans aligned with desired results


Preparing the environment


Migrates and modernizes existing workloads


Operations for cloud or hybrid solutions


Developing new hybrid or cloud-native solutions


Environment and workloads


Tools, procedures and documentation

Your benefits in revealing the cloud to your clients

With infrastructure data migration and modernization projects started by your clients:

Generate recurring revenue from Azure consumption

Provide additional and complementary cloud services, leveraging the strategic alliances we’ve negotiated for you.

Position yourself as a partner for your clients

Build trust and strengthen the relationship, increasing your clients’ preference

Initiating your clients’ digital transformation by bringing them to the cloud, you’re opening up thousands of opportunities for new businesses and revenue.

This is the time for you to reveal the full potential of the cloud to your clients. Show them all they can achieve, offer them the cloud services that complement their current situation, and take them to the next level—get them started thinking and operating like a modern digital company. Intcomex Cloud and Azure are on this journey with you, guiding you every step of the way.

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