Modernize your work with solutions focused on specific business needs

Identify the business opportunities that the cloud offers you. Intcomex Cloud helps you modernize your clients, offering you solutions and services that respond to their specific needs, for which Azure has the correct answer.

Take advantage of the Azure cloud and its versatility to offer complete solutions for your clients. With all the benefits of the SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS models, your clients will enjoy the scalability and pay only for their consumption, enjoying maximum security and simplifying their business management.

Virtual desktops

Microsoft’s leading, secure, efficient, and fully manageable remote work solution in the cloud for desktop virtualization. It consists of a computer system that does not run on the user’s device but on a terminal device.

Get a Virtual Desktops solution
in Azure from US $18,25

Azure Backup

One-click, cost-effective and secure backup. Scalable solution with centralized management interface. Backup and protection of Azure VM workloads, SAP and SQL databases, and Azure file shares.

Get a backup solution on
Azure from US $19,18

Virtual Machine in Azure

Allows implementation of applications and computer programs in a virtualized system. Additionally, it will enable the virtualization of Linux operating systems and applications from Oracle, SAP, or IBM, among others. Includes load balancing and autoscaling for free.

Get a virtual machine solution
in Azure from US $35,00

Azure Blob Storage

Azure cloud storage solution, enabling scalable storage of objects for text and binary data. Includes support for handling Big Data statistics through Data Lake Storage Gen2.

Get a Blob Storage solution
in Azure from US $12,45

Azure File Storage

Allows you to store files that can be accessed from multiple VMs with reading and writing access. They can be used using the REST interface or the client’s storage libraries. For files on-premises or in the cloud.

Get a File Storage solution
in Azure from US $13,83

Databases as a Service

Relational, intelligent, and scalable service built for the cloud. It enables performance and durability to be optimized with AI-powered and automated features that are always up to date.

Get a Database as a Service
solution in Azure from US $23,47

Websites in Azure

Fully managed web hosting service that allows you to create web applications, mobile back-ends, and RESTful APIs. You can handle different price and performance options to suit all needs. In addition, applications run and scale easily in both Windows and Linux-based environments.

Get a website solution on
Azure from US $21,16

The packages offered by Intcomex Cloud to
complement these solutions give you the best combination of solutions and services for your clients and your business.

Take advantage of these opportunities that we have identified so that your business grows and that of your clients as well.

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