Hassle-free, with AvePoint’s Secure Collaboration package

With AvePoint’s Secure Collaboration Package, you ensure that the information is protected against all types of attacks. Manage security and monitor all workspaces with AvePoint Policies & Insights (PI). Protect your data and recover quickly from a disaster with AvePoint Cloud Backup solution – in our storage or bring your own storage and key (BYOS). Automate security, settings and content control and obtain relevant information with customized reports with AvePoint Cloud Management.

Collaboration Security Package

100% Data Retention

For the life of your contract.Extra flexibility and protection with UNLIMITED backup subscriptios or BYOS.

On-demand restore

On demand recovery of all Microsoft 365 content to the online or offline storage location of your choice.


Backup up to four times a day, every day. All of your data and content accros Microsoft 365 environment is secure.

Encryption and Security for Data Protection

Immediate insight into what services are covered or exposed. Retain full control over your protected content, no matter if it´s stored on AvePoint’s Azure Storage or your own storage (BYOS).

Find & Prioritize

Aggregate access, sensitivity, and activity data across Microsoft 365. Prioritize issues based on your risk definition – aligned to relevant regulations and security policies.

Monitor & Fix

Security dashboards highlight risky anonymous links, over exposed sensitive content, and more. Fix issues as you go, edit permissions and sharing settings in batch.

Enforce & Prevent

Prevent configuration drift with automated policies. Policies trigger alerts or roll-back of unauthorized changes and risky actions. Track improvements over time to prove your collaboration is secure.

Reduce Administrative Overhead

Centralize and simplify Microsoft 365 administrative functions. Discover problems in permissions and configurations through administrative search and then fix issues in bulk.

Security and Policy enforcement

Highlight gaps between governance policies and current state with health dashboard. Automatically resolve violations and report on or repair unauthorized changes to security settings and configurations.

Management and Restructuring

Move or copy content in bulk across Microsoft 365 instances for tenant-to-tenant migration or internal consolidation. Easily deploy new designs, customizations, and configurations.

With Intcomex Cloud, increase your revenues offering your clients security solutions that complement and enhance Microsoft 365’s collaboration.


The new work environment is increasingly demanding on organizations, forcing them to deliver more flexibility and collaboration options without compromising security and compliance. Let them strike this balance with AvePoint’s Secure Collaboration for Microsoft 365 suite.

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