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Intcomex Cloud brings you Kaspersky protection for corporate email: it’s bulletproof!

*NOTE: Kaspersky B2B available only in Central America. /  (full portfolio) Caribe. / (subscription only) Ecuador, Colombia and Perú. / Not available for Bolivia, Uruguay and Chile.

In modern organizations, email is an everyday tool for sharing information both internally and externally. But it has also become an attack vector that threatens the IT security of all businesses. Cybercriminals find more and more ways to violate information security through this tool. With the growth of work from home and remote offices, cybercriminals have exploited weaknesses in information infrastructures and found new ways to attack.

Intcomex Cloud presents two Kaspersky solutions for the protection of information and collaboration through corporate email according to the different configurations present in each business:

Organizations generally feel protected by the standard security built into corporate email solutions, but it is not enough. Attacks via email may seem harmless, but they result in financial and operational losses and they may also affect the company’s image. Between 2016 and 2019, Phishing losses in corporate emails reached US$26 billones, according to figures reported by the FBI. For this reason, organizations must ensure that they avoid threats such as:







Undesired email

To be clear about how big the impact can be for your clients’ organizations, let’s talk about cyber-attack figures during 2020, published by Securelist, the portal dedicated to information and education on internet security:

10.18% of worldwide internet users experienced at least 1 Malware attack.
More than 666 million attacks were blocked by Kaspersky solutions.
More than 173 million URLs were recognized as malicious.
Kaspersky antivirus blocked more than 33 million malicious objects.
More than 540,000 ransomware attacks were stopped on users.
Malware attacks designed to steal money online from bank users were detected in more than 668,000 users.

As these figures show, the best time to reinforce protection is before the attack reaches users, ensuring that spam does not come into contact with them and their devices, but without hindering the agile and dynamic flow of messages that is so necessary for organizations.

Do you want to know how
KASPERSKY does it?

For Microsoft Office 365 users:

Comprehensive, advanced protection for cloud-oriented businesses.

Instantly stops:
• Malicious software spread
• Phishing
• Spam
• Ransomware
• Business Email Compromised (BEC)

Protection for Microsoft Exchange mail servers and Linux-based mail servers:

Keep business email system free of spam and malware.

With this solution, companies can build resilience to attacks that arrive through corporate email. Kaspersky Security for Mail Server, incorporates updated applications that guarantee the security of the servers of the emails:
• Microsoft® Exchange
• Sendmail
• Qmail
• Postfix
• Exim

By optimizing resilience and minimizing the attack surface, organizations make their information less attacked and discourage cybercriminals. Don’t let your clients become another victim of this daily threat. Make your clients’ information always shielded.

With Intcomex Cloud and Kaspersky,
Make Sure their Corporate Email Is Bulletproof!

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