Maximize the benefits of SAP on AZURE,
the most robust and reliable cloud platform

Intcomex Cloud realizes that your clients know that SAP is the system that allows them to manage their productive, logistics, financial, and human resources in the most efficient way. Therefore, we want to invite you to learn about the best possible option, where your clients will enjoy the benefits of SAP on a different scale.

By migrating your SAP clients to Azure,
you can maximize the benefits:

Hybrid Cloud: The only public cloud that offers on-premises instances for true support for the same platform in a hybrid cloud environment.

Reliability: Industry’s highest uptime service level agreement, with 99.99% uptime for OLAP & OLTP. It includes integrated disaster recovery as part of service packages and offers simple, cost-effective storage options.

Capacity: With the largest SAP certified instances in the public cloud (up to 60 TB), Azure offers the largest space from any cloud provider.

Data Privacy: Microsoft spends more than $1 billion annually on cloud security. With more than 70 compliance certifications, Microsoft has the most SAP certifications from any public cloud provider.

Global presence and support: High-speed connectivity in 50 regions and availability in 140 countries with over 1500 pairing points for express routing, more than any other public cloud provider. Microsoft has offices and staff in all global markets and understands the needs of local businesses.

With SAP in the cloud, your clients can drive improved business processes, with knowledge-based innovation.

Simpler and faster processes

Azure offers a high-performance infrastructure for SAP.

Accelerated Innovation

Accelerate innovation by removing barriers and reducing the time for faster experimentation: your clients will accelerate construction, measurement, and learning cycle.

Knowledge of 360°

Generates persuasive knowledge, gathering SAP and non-SAP data to have a knowledge of 360° of markets, transactions, and clients.

Learn about the benefits of a public cloud for SAP over a traditional on-premises architecture

SCALABILITY: Growth, decrease or termination of workloads without delay or worries.
PROVISIONING SPEED: Minutes instead of days.
ECOSYSTEM OF PARTNERS AND SERVICES: Providers with available technologies and services.
BUILT-IN TOOLS: Decrease administrative overload for IT teams.
PAY PER USE: Your clients only pay for the capacity they use.
SAVING: Between 40 and 75% TCO and 60% less storage cost.

Do you know in which cases you can get the most out of SAP in Azure?

Developments and tests:
Rapid provisioning for developments and testing, which can be stopped at any time.
Productive environments:
All inclusive. Deploy an entire SAP system view and get a first view in the cloud.
Disaster Recovery:
Maintain environments for recovery without incurring additional costs.
Archive information and corresponding SAP system audit test with no execution costs and always available.


By 2025, ALL SAP clients must:

Migrate to HANA database. It doesn’t matter what version of SAP they have.
Approaching SUSE Linux Enterprise or SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP applications
Taking this step with Intcomex Cloud is the best decision your clients can make. With our experience and professional services and our specialized technical team, we ensure that the process is carried out smoothly. Rest assured that by taking your clients to AZURE, the best platform for SAP applications, allows them to get the most out of SAP.

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