Intcomex to distribute Finanzas 365 in Latin America and the Caribbean

December 11th, 2019

Fibase’s cloud solution enhances the control, analysis, and planning of business finances

Miami, Florida. Diciembre 11 de 2019. Intcomex, the leading platform for technology products and value-added solutions for Latin America and the Caribbean, joined forces with Fibase to introduce Finanzas 365 to the region, a cloud-based solution for management, control, and the analysis of financial results. Finanzas 365 provides critical information in real-time for decision making.

Fibase, an Uruguayan developer of technological solutions, offers with Finanzas 365 a unique tool for small and medium-sized companies.

This tool combines software development with financial and strategic consulting, as well as analysis of sales indicators, expenses, collections, payments, and results. Thus, decision-makers can access sales and expense information in real-time, comparing them to previous periods or filtering them by salesperson, branch, product, and customer. Finanzas 365 also allows for keeping track of budgets and generate management, financial, and strategic reports, among others, all from any mobile or desktop device.

Intcomex, on the other hand, provides extensive commercial coverage in Latin America and the Caribbean, with great scope and leadership, which will allow it to position Finanzas 365 quickly and effectively. The company has a robust infrastructure comprised of 15 subsidiaries and operations in 41 countries, serving more than 50,000 individual clients per year.

Joseph Bouhadana, Vice President of Cloud Services at Intcomex, commented that at the company, “We are pleased to partner with Fibase to offer Finanzas 365 through our distribution partners. This product focused on the control, analysis, planning, and results, was developed by Engineers and Accountants specialized in business management, which guarantees a comprehensive product for the optimization of financial performance.”

“For us, it is a big step to partner with Intcomex, a distributor that is willing to integrate into its cloud portfolio in Latin America and the Caribbean solutions such as Finanzas 365, meant to help SMEs improve their results,” said Sergio Riestra, director Fibase for Uruguay and Paraguay.

“Launching Finanzas 365 through the Intcomex platform means that Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Distributors (VARs) will be able to generate new revenue by bringing our solution to companies throughout Latin America,” added Mr. Riestra.

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About Intcomex

For more than 25 years, Intcomex has been a leading distributor of value-added IT products, focused on the Latin American and Caribbean markets. The company distributes cloud solutions, computer equipment, components, peripherals, software, computer systems, accessories, connectivity products, and consumer digital electronics to more than 50,000 local customers in 41 countries.

Intcomex offers a selection of more than 5,700 products from 220 vendors, including industry-leading technology brands. Its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.

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About Fibase

For more than 19 years, Fibase has developed innovative technological tools to optimize the management and results of companies. The Uruguay-based enterprise offers services and solutions aimed to improve business processes and digital transformation for organizations of all sizes and industries. The extensive experience gathered since its early incursion into the development of the cloud, earned Fibase to be distinguished by Microsoft Corporation as the best Microsoft Partner in Uruguay.

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