SAP browser joins the Intcomex Cloud service catalog

March 4th, 2020

Intcomex and PC-Technology join forces to distribute the implementation, integration, and custom development services solution in SAP Business One, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Miami, marzo 4, 2020. Intcomex, the leading platform for value-added solutions and technology products in Latin America and the Caribbean, announced a new partnership with the technology tools development company, PC-Technology, to distribute Browser SAP through its vast resellers’ network in 41 countries and territories in the region.

The SAP Browser tool is a complete web client for SAP Business One, compatible with any web browser on a desktop computer or mobile device.

The solution uses HTML5 language and offers the possibility of making personalized presentations with information on each registered user’s SAP projects; it also allows for the type of dynamic management the user defines, as well as console customization. For Managed Service Providers, Browser SAP is a true strategic ally and the proverbial “ace up their sleeves” that will help them win SAP projects more easily.

“That the wholesaler leader in the region incorporates our solution to its portfolio of cloud services, consolidates Browser SAP as a world-class product. This partnership with Intcomex advances our professional evolution and strengthens us at the business level. To the IT service providers, it opens the possibility of solidifying their business practices through the services we offer,” said Rodrigo Paz, Customer Solution Manager at PC-Technology.

Meanwhile, Joseph Bouhadana, Vice President of Cloud Services at Intcomex, noted that this partnership not only strengthens the portfolio of the leading wholesaler, but is also an important step towards achieving the company’s goal of providing the best solutions in the cloud; and added: “Our partners are looking forward to offering solutions such as SAP Browser, which respond to fundamental business needs and are available immediately; on demand. This deal with PC-Technology allows us to incorporate a solution that will undoubtedly increase our partners’ profitability by enhancing their appeal to companies looking for a safe, efficient and reliable software, such as Browser SAP.”

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About Intcomex

Intcomex is the leading platform for value-added solutions and technological products in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company distributes a wide range of products, from computer equipment, components, peripherals, mobile devices, software, accessories, network products, security and point of sale equipment, and electronic devices for the end consumer, to services in the cloud. The company has more than 50 thousand clients in 41 countries and territories in the region.

Intcomex offers a comprehensive service that includes training for the channel and sales staff, technical assistance, warranty support, and local inventory and financial services. The company’s headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, and it has 15 subsidiaries and two distribution centers throughout the region.

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About PC Technology

PC Technology specializes in the commercialization, implementation, and integration of technological platforms. The company is recognized for its successful implementation methodology, which significantly reduces costs, both in time and money. The broad portfolio of PC Technology includes SAP Business One, SAP Starter Package, SAP Business One Hana, SAP Business One Cloud, as well as multiple add-ons that complement and enhance the operation of the tools; Among them: Marc bi Analytic, Taken Scan, Mail Notification, Crm For Outlook, Customer Portal, Browser Sap, and e-Commerce Connector. Additionally, the company offers complementary solutions for Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, and Dynamics365.

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