Dynamic Zeus for Sales.

The solution that expands and customizes the features of Microsoft 365 Sales, empowering and making sales processes and management of the sales force more agile.

Every modern business needs agile and efficient systems to manage their relationship with customers, from marketing to new business opportunities, sales, postsales service, prices, products This depends on the efficiency of their processes and the health of the business.

Dynamics Zeus to the rescue for Sales!

Dynamics Zeus makes all the complexities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 disappear, rescuing the efficiency and productivity that this powerful CRM platform provides to businesses.

  • The implementation process is reduced to just one day
  • Costs are significantly reduced
  • No need to hire highly specialized and expensive experts
  • Usage becomes extremely simple and intuitive.


Resellers will have training tools such as manuals and videos to help them gain an indepth understanding of the solution.


In the event of any issues arising with the solution, Intcomex Cloud Support and Care Center will be there to support you.


As long as they keep their subscriptions active, customers will have access to updates and new features added to the solution.


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