Intcomex Cloud presents Payroll, the Cloud solution that streamlines and automates payroll and benefits management, optimizing the use of time for Human Resources and Accounting departments and facilitating human talent management.

Payroll is a SaaS designed for small and medium-sized businesses, which is available to your clients under a subscription model, allowing agile access from anywhere and reducing operational costs.

Your clients will be able to easily manage:

Calculations of upcoming payments

Extraordinary payments

Payment history

Variable bonds

Variable discounts

  • Automate payroll payments.
  • Easily modify individual payments.
  • Automatically generate digital payment certificates.
  • Record of payments made.
  • Search for past payments.
  • Exportable payroll reports.
  • Create variable bonus types and adjustable discounts for each organization.
  • Assignment to each employee.
  • Automation that ensures accuracy in calculations every time.

Payroll is compatible with any ERP and comes with implementation support from the developer. It offers your clients on-demand support, diagnosis, training, and consulting that enable them to make the most of this solution.

With Payroll, you can give your clients the flexibility of always having their payroll information available and easily accessible, without adding extra workload to their administrative and human resources departments. Provision it now on the Intcomex Cloud Platform and continue growing your business by offering this solution as a service to your clients.

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