Is My Connect

Telephone Integration Service for Microsoft Teams®. No matter where they are, your clients need to communicate with the world. Their collaborators, customers, and suppliers are in different parts of the world, and communication cannot wait. Intcomex Cloud offers you the solution so that your clients can maintain the flow of communication.


All in one

You will no longer need your current phone system, as Microsoft Teams along with IsMyConnect provides you with all the telephony switching features and services you need.

Worldwide Coverage

Receive and make calls with high-quality standards and numbering resources in multiple countries. We offer mediation service when you prefer to use your current PSTN phone lines.


Microsoft Teams® native dialer allows users to make calls both inside and outside their organization.


Grow at your own pace, no hardware purchases or upgrades are required.

IsMyConnect seamlessly integrates the collaborative platform of Office 365, Microsoft Teams®, with traditional telephony using your existing phone lines or our telephone service. This way, you can make and receive phone calls through Microsoft Teams® from anywhere in the world.

User Interface

For the Microsoft Teams® user, phone functionality is configured through the command line, directly in the application, including the native Microsoft Teams® dialer. The Microsoft Teams® native dialer allows users to make calls both inside and outside their organization, without the need for additional hardware or software.

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