With POSSIC and Intcomex Cloud
at your clients’ point of sale

The Food and Beverage segment is characterized by the high complexity of the operation. The management of inputs, inventories, menus, points of sale, incentives to consumers, among others, make the owners or managers of this type of business choose between dedicating themselves to developing the core of their business or wear themselves out with the management of it.

Fortunately for your clients, this decision shouldn’t take away their sleep.
Your clients want it all and can have it all. Intcomex Cloud offers a solution for businesses in the Food and Beverage segment that offers IT ALL through the Marketplace.

POSSIC, the point-of-sale cloud solution for the Food and Beverage segment, is available to clients of all sizes and with various characteristics. As a result, your clients will be able to manage their businesses in an agile, secure way.

Is the cloud-based solution that is

Easy and quick to implement

Available under the monthly subscription model

Tailored to all businesses

Designed for restaurants, cafes, caterings, bars, and institutional dining rooms.

POSSIC offers EVERYTHING your customers need

Quick Service

Point of sales system management that allows them to serve more customers in less time.

Administrative system

Business information is always available to make better decisions.

Kitchen monitors

Organize restaurant orders, takeaway, delivery, and self-service.


Raw material inventory management.

Call Center

Management of Home Service, centralizing the order-taking process allowing specialization and control.

Frequent client
program management

To handle prizes, incentives, and promotions for VIP customers.

Tablet friendly

To increase the rotation of the tables and fast and accurate communication with the kitchen.

Our plans cover various needs according to the size and type of business:

Ask about the Add-ons we must personalize your POSSIC experience

POSSIC makes it easier to manage
your customers’ business because:

Support the growth of your customers’ business by delivering EVERYTHING to them. EVERYTHING they need to run their food and beverage business. EVERYTHING to maximize your business’s profits while enjoying control, agility, security, and ease of handling. With Intcomex Cloud, find the ideal plan for your business and make them start enjoying having IT ALL.

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