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“Migrate your business email to the cloud with Microsoft 365 and keep it protect it with a top-notch security solution that provides an additional layer of protection against today’s advanced threats.“

What’s ZeroSpam?

ZEROSPAM is a cloud-based security solution that provides the highest level of protection against every and all email-spread cyber threats, superior ransomware shielding, and a highly efficient integrated spear phishing module. ZeroSpam has a success rate of 99.9% -validated by a neutral third party- and an extremely low false-positive rate. It is user-friendly, and tech support is second-to-none.

How does ZEROSPAM work in conjunction with Microsoft 365?

ZEROSPAM quarantine malware propagated through disguised executable files and infected macros in
Microsoft Office documents and scans every link to offer protection against all
forms of email-propagated ransomware.

ZEROSPAM also includes the Bitdefender threat protection technology,
expanding its best-in-class e-mail security capabilities.

What is included in the solution?


Ransomware protection


Phishing and Spear phishing Protection: Special anti-phishing layer specific to banks, social media sites, Paypal and eBay. Excellent recognition of phishing messages. Advanced spearphishing protection included in the standard service cost.


Bitdefender world-class threat protection technology


Quarantine management: While individual quarantines are fully supported, the ZEROSPAM solution is based on self-subscription or manual creation of accounts for trusted user.


Spam Digests: ZEROSPAM enables each user with an individual quarantine account to request a daily spam digest in their profile.


Technical support and configuration: The ZEROSPAM default setting offers optimal detection. The solution is built to maintain this performance with little or no customer intervention. Technical support is agile, competent, responsive, thourough and fast and FP and FN issues can quickly be resolved.


Spam detection rate: ZEROSPAM has a verified success rate of 99.99% and a low false-positive rate.

What do I gain with ZEROSPAM?

Constant, recurrent income through long term relationships with clients, averaging seven years.

  • Margins start at 30% and can grow quickly to 50% or more.
  • Fully compatible with Microsoft 365. 30-day free trial for each new customer with an earning rate of 95%.
  • VBSpam verified efficiency rate of 99.9% against all email-borne threats.
  • Low FP rates.
  • Highly efficient, easy to configure solution with a Capterra rating of five stars.
  • Fast, agile and receptive tech support.
  • Courtesy white label and easy declarative license.
  • Inbox marketing experience.
  • Free trial on your domains.
  • Free Implementation, training, and support.

Here are some more reasons why you should implement Microsoft 365 + ZEROSPAM.

Quite frequently, clients express that in their experience, ZEROSPAM is a “one-and-done, hassle-free” solution. They love knowing that their email is protected with little to no need for administration.
From the interface design to the licensing model, each part of ZEROSPAM is meant to make life easier.

  • Nothing to install or configure. Installation is just a mere change in registration.
  • No updates, no spam flagging, no optimization required, ZeroSpam is always up to date with no need for any input from you.
  • One complete protection package. There is no need to add functions to be protected against all possible email-borne attacks.
  • Highly intuitive interface that is easy to navigate even for unskilled users.
  • Shorter, easier to manage quarantines.
  • Focused on making quarantine management safer and more flexible.
  • Feedback complement integrates with Outlook to make it easier for users to report undetected spam.
  • Local support 24/7 from a devoted team of professionals.
  • Free assistance with SPF and DNS issues.
  • Constant monitoring of your email gateway. Proactive notifications in case your infrastructure stop letting emails from our servers go through.
  • On-demand email continuity during extended interruptions.
  • Visual signage during quarantines to dissuade users from sending dangerous messages.
  • Easy declarative licensing with yearly updates of your inbox amount. Not necessary to define each user on the interface or add new ones manually.
  • Low maintenance solution that allows you to focus on your business priorities.

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