Increase your profit margin and delight end users with remote Outlook configuration.

DeploymentPro allows you to manage customer desktop configurations directly from your web browser—no experience or training needed. Best of all, you don’t have to touch a single desktop or device!

Configure Outlook 100% remotely so you don’t have to visit any desktops or devices. Manage the configuration directly from your web browser—just automate and relax!

DeploymentPro is a cost-effective way to manage remote desktop configuration regardless of size, version, geographic location, or status. Check out our datasheet to learn more about DeploymentPro.

Con deployment puedes:

  • Crear perfiles de Microsoft Outlook para Office 365
  • Comprobar el estado del hardware y software de forma remota
  • Seguir los escritorios de forma remota desde una interfaz web
  • Elegir entre varias formas fáciles de implementar el agente de escritorio
  • Personalizar las comunicaciones de los usuarios finales

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