MigrationWiz is a cloud-based email and data migration solution that allows you to migrate from any source to any destination. All migrations are made directly from your web browser through a single common user interface.

Our patented platform supports the following migration types:

  • Migration of mailboxes
  • Business Coexistence
  • Migration of documents
  • SharePoint Migration
  • Personal File Migration
  • Business File Migration
  • Public folder migration
  • Cloud Storage Migration

By leveraging the largest global migration infrastructure in the world, MigrationWiz completes migrations up to 70% faster than other methods, eliminates the need for specialized training or personnel, and cuts costs by half.

MigrationWiz is the first and only migration solution in the world that complies with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

MigrationWiz Archive

Help your client migrate their physical files to the cloud, making it much easier to integrate your files with the rest of your Office 365 business.

Not only is online storage more easily accessible than physical, it is also much more scalable and reliable; There is no risk of mechanical failure and there is no need to buy additional hardware as your business expands. In fact, Microsoft Exchange Online Archiving offers unlimited per-user storage capacity.

Migrating to an online file makes everything easier, and ensures lower and more predictable costs.

MigrationWiz Document

You can use MigrationWiz -Document to migrate files from your Google Docs client to Office 365, or vice versa, allowing you to change the entire system, for example, Google to Microsoft without having to worry about manually migrating your data.

MigrationWiz can also migrate from Office 365 or Onedrive to another, or from the Google Drive account to another.

MigrationWiz Public Folder

BitTitan MigrationWiz-Public Folder automatically detects public folders during a migration project and moves them to its destination server, keeping all hierarchies and structures intact.

MigrationWiz – Public-Folder allows you to maintain the file structure your customers are used to and virtually eliminates the risk of data loss or corruption while you move it.

MigrationWiz SharePoint

MigrationWiz enables enterprises to move from an earlier version of SharePoint to SharePoint Online, bypassing the traditional upgrade path that would otherwise be required. MigrationWiz maintains hierarchies and existing file permissions intact.

MigrationWiz PST

BitTitan MigrationWiz-PST / Archives ensures that your customers’ stored and PST files are easily migrated as part of your migration project, without the need for any cumbersome configuration manuals.

MigrationWiz-PST / Archives allows you to migrate specific files for backup or archive everything, keeping important company data preserved and accessible. MigrationWiz-PST / Archives will move your data quickly, without any problems, and with zero idle user time.

Features & BenefitsBitTitan MigrationWiz
Mailbox migration systemsMicrosoft Office 365, Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Exchange
Server, PST, Novell GroupWise, IBM Lotus Notes, OpenXchange, Zimbra,
Courier, Dovecot, Kerio, Yahoo, MSN, IMAP, POP and more.
Document migration systemsMicrosoft Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive, Drive, Box, DropBox, Microsoft
SharePoint Online, Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Windows
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