Help SMBs understand why cyberattacks are successful

It only takes hackers 4 minutes to get into a network, but 99+ days for businesses to discover they’ve been breached

of users open emails from attackers, 10 % click on attachments or links

of passwords are weak, default, or stolen

of users accidentally share information

The main sources of security threat of a company come from:




User credentials


Mobile devices


Breach of Regulations

Is your company secure?

Input your data and receive, via e-mail, our infographic for Microsoft 365 solutions.

Securely run and grow your business

Protect against security threats

Go beyond passwords and protect against identity compromise, while automatically identifying potential breaches before they cause damage.

Protect business data against leaks

Use cloud applications without putting company information at risk by adding protection, ranging from access privileges to data encryption.

Control who has access to business information

Manage company and BYOD devices to encrypt data and ensure compliance, automatically detect suspicious activities, and quickly block, quarantine, or wipe compromised devices.

Business savvy way to reduce risk

Microsoft 365 Business provides a simple, cost-effective way to reduce risk with built-in privacy and compliance tools to securely run and grow your business.

As your partner, we will provide the guidance, recommendations and best practices to keep your business data safe from both internal and external threats with a simple, cost-effective solution

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