Your Digital Security is vulnerable!


There is a hacker out there searching for fresh victims.
Right now, organizations around the world are falling victim to information theft or tampering. For the unprepared ones, the consequences will be devastating.

Is your company prepared?

A cyberattack is imminent.
There is nothing you can do to stop malign individuals and dishonest competitors form trying to infiltrate your digital infrastructure. What you can actually do is blocking their attempts.


SMBs were victims of a
cyberattack in 2018


of SMBs that suffer a
cyberattack go out of
business within six months


of all cyberattacks have
financial motivations


of all cyberattacks are
motivated by espionage

Microsoft 365 Business is the shield that protects your business from all possible digital security breaches.

Microsoft 365 Business is more than just a cloud-based solution that maximizes your business productivity; it is also the smartest, most complete way to protect your data from all current and future threats.


With Microsoft 365, your databases, financial reports, payroll, strategies, industry secrets, intellectual property, and every other bit of sensitive information will be out of reach for anyone who’s not authorized to seeing it, preventing all possible external attacks as well as leaks, whether they are unintended or intentional.

Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (Office ATP) protects against all possible phishing attempts or malware infection.

Windows Defender ATP executes an evaluation of every file in search of possible ransomware. If a threat is detected, the document will be immediately blocked before it can cause any harm.

Through Machine Learning, Azure ATP conducts behavior analysis. It learns to predict the conduct of the user so it can detect any possible breach in identity security.

Azure Advanced Directory also analyzes the behavior to determine when users’ credentials have been compromised, whether the IP address from which they connect correspond with their typical behavior, their location makes sense, the device they are using to connect is secure, or the IP used is associated with any previous activity deemed as suspicious.

Through Microsoft Office Advanced Message Encryption, businesses can automatically expire or disable access to encrypted emails shared externally, limiting the possibilities of sensitive data being shared with unauthorized persons. In case a leak happens, a thorough investigation will be launched, and any compromised messages deleted.

Microsoft Teams includes additional controls over what members of each work teams are allowed access to which conversation and/or data.

If a violation of internal policy were to happen, Advanced eDiscovery would facilitate to hold, search, and review whatever data necessary to thoroughly investigate the event.

Windows Defender ATP and Microsoft Intune detect when a device has been compromised, analyze the event, and issue a risk assessment. If the threat level exceeds the company parameters, all connection attempts will be blocked, and a multi-layer log-in process put in place. The user will regain access to the company’s resources as soon as the threat disappears.

Microsoft 365 Business Cyber Security






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